The NOLF modernization patch fixes performance issues, and attempts to adapt the original classic for larger resolutions.

Key Changes

  • Working multiplayer out of the box
  • Fixes slowdown with some UI elements (such as looking down scope, or picking items up)
  • HUD scaling options for most HUD elements
  • Replaced mouse input code for a more responsive experience
  • Optional framerate cap to 60fps
  • Optional 4:3 mode for cutscenes
  • New Jukebox menu in Options

Latest Patch Highlights

  • Patched out GameSpy from dedicated/hosted servers and the server browser.
  • Fixed a bug in ai path finding causing values to not always be accurate.
  • Fixed a silent out of range bug that could cause enemies to disappear and travel to a nearby galaxy at FTL speed!
  • Added a “Blackscreen Fix” work around for Intel HD graphics chips in Display options.

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Extract the archive file over your NOLF directory.

Then in the launcher, go to Advanced -> Customize and add the Modernizer.rez file.

Don’t forget to check “Always load these rez files”!


Please note this is an unofficial patch, it’s NOT developed by Monolith Interactive


You can download it on!