Widescreen 1.04 Beta Patch

This patch is a combination of effort done by myself, along with help from the team over at TPC. Done in my spare time, it's been in development for quite a few months and is now finally at the point of a public test release.


  • Implemented widescreen support allowing arbitrary resolution selection.
  • Extended arbitrary resolution support to the menus and editor screens.
  • Separated resolutions and gamma options into their own "Display" options tab.
  • Added a windowed mode option in the "Display" options tab.


  • Video subtitles are disabled in this release.
  • Moving the window (in windowed mode) while a video is playing may cause visual oddities.
  • Some visual oddities / reduced performance may occur on resolutions larger than 1920x1080.
  • Options menu may display artifacts when changing resolutions.
  • Having a window the same size as your desktop can cause black screen. If you get into this situation start with the command argument FULLSCREEN and select another resolution.


  • More graphical polish
  • Expand campaign screen
  • Fixes for known issues


Please note this is an unofficial patch, it's NOT developed by Infinite Interactive or Enlight Interactive.

I'm providing limited support for bugs on the patch's moddb forums.


You can find the download link at the patch's moddb download page.


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